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Mama Relax Infusion

Mama Relax Infusion

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Relaxing and soothing organic infusion carefully blended from lemon balm and lavender flowers. Perfect caffeine free-drink for mothers and pregnant women.

Made exclusively from organic plants by GreenMa, this delicious beverage will help you to relax thanks to the presence of Melissa and Lavender known for their soothing and pleasant-tasting properties. The tangy flavor of bitter orange blossom will accompany the fresh and flowery notes of this infusion. Mallow flowers finally accompany this blend for a floral and decorative note that will amaze you with the color of their infusion!

Ingredients : Lemon balm*, bitter orange tree*, lavender flowers*, mallow flowers*. 

from organic farming.

100% organic homemade recipe

Origin: France and Europe

Weight: 55g

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